Historical background

ERA-SIB is a 100% owned French company, created in 1961 for the design and manufacture of solenoid valves.

Specialised at the beginning in solenoid valves for automatic vending machines, ERA (Etudes et Réalisations d’Automatismes) quickly diversified its production with a wide range of industrial solenoid valves suitable for all kinds of media, from size 1/8” to 2” and for working pressures between 0 and 100 bar.

The merger with SIB (Société Industrielle de Boulogne) enlarged the product range with high pressure valves (up to 400 bar), explosion proof valves (petrol industry), piston valves, pneumatically or electrically actuated valves, coaxial valves as well as cryogenic valves.

While being the European leader in solenoid valves for automatic vending machines, ERA-SIB is now able to meet any specific customers’ requirements, including much more severe industrial applications such as the wheel anti-locking system for the high speed trains (TGV)(equivalent to the ABS system, for road vehicles).

An important part of ERA-SIB activity is turned toward foreign countries ; exports represent 50 % of the turnover.

ERA-SIB gives itself the priority always to enlarge its position on both national and international marketplace. It achieves this goal by offering to its customers always more performing products and by constantly improving its service quality.
Quality is the key word as the company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1999 (important as it is the proof that ERA-SIB makes the design of the products included in its range).
In addition, ERA-SIB have obtained different overseas approvals for its products : Underwriters Laboratories and N.S.F. in the U.S.A., Canadian standard Association in Canada, Gastec for gas solenoid valves in the Netherlands